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  • A hand-crafted wooden mirror and a red vintage rug are a perfect decoration option for a traditional cosy living room. The carved wooden mirror is placed on one of the walls of the living room and considered as a part of the overall design of the room. The fact that the mirror is made of high-quality pine wood material and handcrafted allows it to add a unique touch to the living room. When the Windows of the mirror is open, it gives an extra depth to the space. The red vintage rug creates a great harmony with the carved wooden mirror. A set of two hand crafted with authentic pattern candle holder complements your home decor The red colour enhances the energy of the room and helps create a traditional cosy living room atmosphere. The vintage style of the rug gives the living room an older appearance. With their gilded fabric, rich and bold authentic patterns these cushions will bring extra elegance to your space. All these decoration elements are considered as a part of the overall design of your living room and help create a more comfortable atmosphere. They also can be considered as an attention-grabbing part of your bedroom, study room or hallway and help the overall design stand out with an instant touch.

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