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Gold Color Metal Tray with Christmas Figurated Rim



Gold Color metal tray with christmas figurated rim. Height 2 cm. Width 24 cm. Length 33 cm.

This cute tray is absolutely a perfect match for your christmas decoration. The ornated rim offers an instant holiday vibe to your treats for yourself or your guests. Presented in an elegant pack, this adorable gold tray is ready to be shared with your loved ones as a christmas gift at holidays.

This tray can either contribute as a decorative piece to amplify your Christmas ambiance at home or function as a practical service tray for your snacks or drinks. The choice is yours.

Clean by wiping with a damp cloth

Height: 2 cm / 0.78 inch 

Width :24 cm / 9.44 inch

Length: 33 cm /12.99 inch


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