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Soft Carpets and Rugs 101: A Full Guide

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Soft Carpets and What They’re Made Of

To figure out why some carpets are softer, we need to look closely at the tiny fibres they're made of. These fibres are like small threads that are bundled together to create the carpet. The softer the threads, the softer the carpet feels. There's a way to measure how thin these threads are, and it's called "denier."


Think of it like this: regular carpets have a denier around 20-24, and they're normal soft. If a carpet has a denier of 10-12, it's super-soft. But there are carpets that are even softer. Nowadays, technology lets us make fibres as thin as 3-4 deniers, making carpets super soft.


Soft Carpets Add a Stylish Touch

You can find soft carpets in various styles, ranging from cosy and relaxed to textured and patterned designs. They act as a complementary element of a chic look. Soft carpets and rugs can be utilized in many spaces in your home. We discuss their use in bedrooms and living rooms below:


Carpet for Your Bedroom

Bedrooms are a favoured choice for installing soft carpets due to their unique ability to provide warmth and comfort, a feature not easily matched by other types of flooring. Imagine stepping onto the soft carpet on a chilly winter morning, or the cosy feeling it offers as you get ready to slip into bed for a restful night's sleep. This tactile pleasure adds an extra layer of cosiness to your personal sanctuary, making your bedroom the ideal space to embrace the soothing allure of soft carpeting.


Carpet for Your Living Room

In spaces with frequent foot traffic like living rooms and family rooms, the demand for flooring that balances softness with durability becomes paramount. Thus, when on the hunt for the perfect soft carpet for your living room, it's crucial to carefully consider the attributes of the carpet you're evaluating. This means assessing its ability to offer a plush underfoot feel while also standing up to the wear and tear typical of these bustling areas. Striking the right equilibrium between softness and resilience ensures that your living space not only exudes comfort but also maintains its aesthetic and practical appeal over time.


Shop Our Modern Carpets and Rugs at Glowy Interiors!

We carry a wide selection of soft modern design carpets and rugs for your indoor space. Our soft carpets complement every interior, providing and chic and timeless look. For more information, get in contact with us today.

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