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Nurture Your Child’s Dreams & Imagination with These Kids’ Bedroom Furniture Sets

Friday, August 25, 2023

When it comes to your child’s bedroom, it can be so much more than simply a place for them to sleep and rest during the day. Even if your home already has a playroom, there are a variety of kids' bedroom sets out there that can turn their room into a wonderland of imagination, a place where dreams come true. 

At Glowy Interiors, we love helping families and their little ones find furniture that breathes new life into their home so here we’ve collected some fun child bedroom design ideas to set your child’s imagination running wild.


Choose Bunk Beds for Double the Fun 

Nothing is quite as fun as bunk beds, especially when if you have more than one child rooming together or they have a friend over for the night. You can also spice things up by selecting some fun, unique, wallpaper. For example, for bunk beds, you can choose a wallpaper that has pictures of cars and double-decker buses so those in bed can imagine themselves racing down the freeway or through the twists and turns of a country road.


Go with a Lego Theme

Encourage creativity with a Lego-themed room where furniture mimics giant Lego blocks and blocklike stairs lead to a loft bed.Cabinets for instance can be giant Lego block designs and sturdy blocklike stairs can lead to a loft bed. Desks can also be a great addition to any child’s bedroom for study time and there is no shortage of Lego-themed furnishings and bedclothes out there.


Keep it Simple!

Today, minimalism is all the rage, which is why many choose to keep their children’s bedroom furniture simple and the room’s interior design more low-key. For example, you can choose a simple yet functional headboard for the bed and go with softer curtains and décor. This can make a room calm and inviting without being overwhelming and is perfect for a relaxing hideaway at the end of the school day.


Hide Things in Plain Sight

It’s no secret that keeping a child’s room clean is a constant battle, especially if you have more than one rooming together or a young one with a vast collection of toys. But don’t despair yet! If your child’s room is littered with clothes, toys, books, you name it, there’s plenty of functional furniture out there designed to serve as storage. For example, headboards with storage compartments are perfect for keeping those plushies in check until bedtime. Also, some fun bookshelves with drawers can make the ideal place to store all of their favourite bedtime story books.


Get Inventive with Storage for Smaller Rooms

Unfortunately for kids, they often get the smallest bedroom in the house. But that doesn’t mean that it needs to be cramped and cluttered. Vertical storage options make a great solution for smaller bedrooms that still require space to move around. Decorative bookshelves can keep all of your child’s study materials out of the way and easily accessible and the pink cloud shelves from Glowy Interiors are easy to install, and also add a great design touch. Open shelves installed on the wall can also create a symmetrical look and add the perception of more space.


Accessible Furniture for Younger Children

If you have a toddler, it’s important to keep their room clutter-free while still making all their toys easily accessible. That’s why storage boxes that can fit under beds or desks, or drawers that are toddler height are a must. Even something as simple as a window seat that’s toddler height can help them enjoy their personal space all that much more, and make it feel like it’s the perfect size for them.


Provide the Perfect Study Space

If your child likes doing their homework and studying in their room, then having the perfect study space is a must. There is a range of funky and functional desks out there to choose from that can provide a designated study area without being too intimidating. Glowy Interiors' Caisson oak desk with three drawers can be a great addition to any room. Its simplicity can make a perfect match for nearly any interior decoration style and provide a perfect study corner or place to draw.


Get Creative with Play Areas!

For those with smaller rooms, building the perfect play area for children might at first seem like a tough job. But with today’s innovative and inventive furniture, you can create the perfect space for fun without having to use up too much square footage. Instead of installing a loft bed, what about a loft play area that’s easily accessible? This way you save on floor space but still provide your young one with a nook that they can make into a world all their own.


Give Your Child a Chance to Add to the Design!

Giving your child a chance to express themselves by adding to the design of their room can make them feel truly at home in their personal space. You don’t have to hand over the paintbrush, however, but it’s easy to mount a chalkboard or whiteboard onto the wall where they can draw and colour at ease without doing any damage to the wallpaper or paint. 


Contact us for today’s leading kids’ bedroom sets

If you’re looking for today’s most modern furniture for your child’s bedroom, Glowy Interiors has a wide variety of offerings to choose from. Whether you need a new bedroom set or desks, drawers, and other storage options, our quality furniture is unsurpassed in the industry.

In addition to our children’s bedroom sets, we also specialize in lighting, dining room sets, living room furniture, and much more.

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