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Mastering the Art of Home Lighting: Expert Tips

Monday, August 14, 2023

In the realm of design, light and shade play a defining role, transforming your humble abode into a captivating sanctuary. Lighting plays a grand role in adding not only functionality and use but dimension and character to a space. It sets the mood and tone in any interior living area.

That’s why our team at Glowy Interiors has compiled this list of tips to bear in mind while seeking out lighting options for your home. From the enchanting glow of a ceramic table lamp to exploring the diverse selection of desk lamps, we'll unravel the secrets of modern lighting choices.


Lighting Types in Homes

  • Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting serves the purpose of evenly illuminating a space, ideally suited for areas where our daily activities take place. It's an ideal choice for living areas, where we gather to enjoy shared moments, such as watching our favourite shows together.


  • Natural Lighting

By incorporating exterior glazing elements such as windows, doors, and skylights, you can invite copious amounts of natural light into your home. The sunlight not only boosts serotonin, the "happy chemical" that invigorates and uplifts your mood, but it also creates an enchanting effect that makes your living space feel more open and spacious.


To optimise the presence of natural light, it is essential to prioritise the installation of windows throughout your home. Additionally, the choice of colours for walls, ceilings, furniture, and curtains plays a crucial role in facilitating the circulation of sunlight within the house. Opting for brighter hues helps to illuminate the space, allowing the natural light to permeate and create a vibrant ambience.


  • Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is typically employed to direct light towards specific areas or objects, emphasising the elements that deserve attention. Its purpose is to create captivating focal points, drawing the eye to artwork, photo frames, entrances, plants, or textured walls. When executed skilfully, accent lighting can infuse a space with warmth and a delightful sense of cosiness. By strategically illuminating key features, it enhances the overall ambience, transforming a room into a visually enchanting and inviting environment.


  • Task Lighting

Task lighting ensures optimal illumination for specific activities, such as studying, office work, cooking, or baking. It delivers the desired brightness levels to facilitate these tasks effectively. Well-planned task lighting not only enhances visibility but also reduces eye strain and the need for excessive magnification. Examples of task lighting include spotlights illuminating kitchen countertops or wardrobes, as well as table-mounted LED lamps gracing study tables. By providing focused and targeted light, task lighting becomes a valuable companion in accomplishing tasks with ease and visual comfort.


  • Mood Lighting

To enhance the appeal of your cherished nook, mood lighting is employed to create an inviting atmosphere. By utilising mood lighting, you can elevate your mood and alleviate stress, rekindling motivation after a weary day. The enchanting effect of colour-changing lights, LED strips, and fairy lights can be harnessed to set the desired ambience, evoking positive vibes through an alluring interplay of illuminations. Embrace the magic of mood lighting and transform your space into a captivating haven that soothes the soul and uplifts the spirits.



Lighting Tips for Different Areas of Your Home

1. Living Room

Selecting the appropriate lighting for your living room hinges on the activities your family enjoys in these shared spaces. For tasks like reading, playing chess, hosting social gatherings, or simply watching TV, task lighting can be tailored accordingly.

Since living rooms often serve as gathering spots for family TV viewing, it's wise to incorporate bias lighting to minimize glare. This involves strategically placing lights behind the television, reducing eye strain and enhancing visual comfort. By employing this clever lighting technique, you can create a more enjoyable and immersive viewing experience for all.


2. Bedroom Lights

The bedroom serves as a versatile hub for many of us, serving purposes beyond just sleep. It becomes a cosy haven where we indulge in binge-watching web series, reading, and even tackling office tasks.

To cater to the various activities that take place in the bedroom, a combination of lighting fixtures such as ceramic table lamps, desk lamps, and modern lamps can be employed. Sconce lighting, another popular choice, offers a sleek and sophisticated lighting solution. For those seeking visual embellishment in their bedroom decor, tape lights and recessed lights can add a contemporary touch. To make a bold statement, pendant lights suspended from the ceiling on chains or long rods can become a centrepiece of attention.


3. Dining Room Lights

In the dining room, achieving even light distribution is essential, and a multi-light chandelier is an ideal choice. It effectively eliminates dark shadows, ensuring that everyone seated beneath it feels connected and illuminated.

To create an ambiance that appeals to both guests and family members, opting for multiple glass globes is a clever approach. Installing dimmers for your dining room lighting is highly recommended, as it grants you control over the lighting layers, allowing you to adjust the intensity as desired. Adding accent lighting with table lamps and wall sconces near your dining table, particularly in a multipurpose area like a home bar, further enhances the overall atmosphere.

With these thoughtful choices, your dining room will become a versatile and inviting space, perfect for entertaining and indulging in your guilty pleasure of good food and company.


4. Study Room

Opting for adjustable desk lamps is advisable, as they enable children to position their necks and head at different angles while engrossed in reading, contributing to a brighter future. For avid readers, a stylish wall-mounted lamp placed near the bed is an ideal choice, providing the perfect illumination for indulging in novels or comics. To create an inviting atmosphere that children will cherish, consider incorporating pendant fixtures into the study room's decor.


Explore our range of lighting options at Glowy Interiors.

We recognise that interior lighting is not only about illuminating a space but also about enhancing the room's ambience, offering practicality, and reflecting your personal style. With a diverse selection of lighting options available, catering to various style preferences, you can make your purchase online today or reach out to us for further details.

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