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Glowy Interiors is a brand in interior design and decoration. Our aim is to arrange thoughtful and inspiring living spaces that best embody the user’s sense of styles. Glowy Interiors allows you to decorate your living spaces easily and elegantly with preselected combinations of decorative elements. Our products are designed by a professional of architects, interior architects and industrial designers, are manufactured by experienced craftsmen in our metalwork, furniture, upholstery, and sewing workshops.

Our secret behind ability to bring together decorative elements, home textiles, and other spatial components in such harmony is our experienced team in architecture and interior design. We are based in London and aim to take all our expertise right to the door of décor lovers first in the UK and later in the rest of the world with remote assistance from the best designers and manufacturers on a global scale, while keeping pace with the new world order.


What sets you and your products apart from other e-commerce companies?


What really sets us apart is that our entire team is made up of architects and designers with experience in the sector and are all with bachelors and master’s degrees. Since we have been decorating homes for so many years, the respect and care we have for our work is evident. Our items in the Looks are compatible with each other.

What is the Difference between Decoration and Interior Design?


Decoration describes only adding decorative items to an existing room. These items are mostly furniture, curtains, carpets, decorations, paintings, mirrors, and simple wall coatings. Interior design, on the other hand, deals with all aspects of the overall identity of a space, in line with a given person’s tastes and needs; and fits it out accordingly. This fitting out covers interior partitioning, lighting, coverings for the floor, walls, ceiling, and all associated electrical and mechanical installation work, in addition to decoration.


What Should I Bear in Mind When Decorating my Home?


Being cognizant of your style and needs, and conducting thorough research will be beneficial before you begin. Your next step should be to bring together decorative elements that go well with each other and that are placed according to the measurements, in order to capture the space that is as close to your dreams as your budget allows. You can do all this yourself or you can work with a decorator or interior designer. But with Glowy Interiors, you can have the best of both worlds by getting assistance from experts, while managing the decoration yourself.


How can I work with a Decorator?


The first thing you need to do is explain clearly your style and the space of your dreams to the decorator you have decided to work with. Afterwards, your decorator will turn your dream into a concept design that matches the space and your budget, and finalise the design with your inputs. The decorator will then draw up a purchase list, and create manufacturing sketches for the items to be custom made for you, so you can turn the concept design into reality. The decoration process is completed when all the items have been placed.


How Can I Find Decorators in line with my Style?


You should examine the portfolios of the decorators, interior designers, and architects, and the work they publish on their websites to conclude if they are right for you. We strongly recommend checking the references of decorators you think suit your specific needs. The qualities of a good decorator include getting the job done on time and within budget, not just being creative.


How are Decoration Services Priced?


Each decorator will have different pricing policies but generally speaking, prices will vary depending on the surface area of the space in question, the scale of the work to be done, and the time the decorator will spend on your dream project. Decorators may charge a fixed price for the time and effort they put into your project or demand a percentage of the total budget.

How Should be the Living Room Decoration?


The living room is usually the space in the house where people spend the most time. All aspects of these spaces should be considered so that users can enjoy spending time relaxing and doing various activities.

How Should be the Bedroom Decoration?


The priority in bedrooms should be functionality first and then aesthetics. You should consider the location and the size of the bed for your comfort as well as the natural and artificial lighting of the room, because these directly affect a good night’s sleep and therefore your quality of life.


How Should the Dining Room be Decorated?


Dining rooms are often part of living rooms, and are places where enjoyable moments are shared around a crowded table. You should usually choose a cabinet that will accommodate the crockery and cutlery, as well as decorative elements to complement it on top. You can put a mirror or a painting on the wall to add depth. The chairs should be as comfy as armchairs, so the dinner table conversation can be lively and extended.


How Should be the Kids Room Decoration?


As important as it is that the room appeals to your child’s age, what matters is having a flexible design that allows you to renovate the room by adding and removing certain elements so you can get years of use out of it.


Can we Meet with Your Designers Face to Face or Over the Phone?


Glowy Interiors is an online service provider only. You are expected to contact our designers via e-mail.

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