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Exploring Soft Carpets and Rugs

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

We are all familiar with the softness of carpets, but have you ever wondered just how soft they can be? What distinguishes carpets with an extra level of softness? Prepare to delve into the realm of modern design carpets as we explore what makes them soft and how softness varies depending on the intended location. Glowy Interiors has extensively examined this subject and is delighted to share their findings with you in this informative article.


Composition Matters

To unravel the secret behind varying carpet softness, we must closely examine the composition of their fibres. Within each fibre, numerous filaments intertwine to form a cohesive unit, ultimately resulting in the carpet you adore. It is worth noting that the level of softness is directly influenced by the fineness of these filaments. As we delve deeper, we encounter the unit of measurement known as the denier, which quantifies the size of the filaments.


The typical range for "ordinary" carpets falls within 20-24 deniers. For those seeking an extra touch of comfort, carpets boasting a denier of 10-12 are hailed as super-soft. It's truly a testament to the advancements in technology, enabling us to indulge in carpets of unparalleled softness and comfort.


Modern Design Soft Carpet Styles

Soft carpets come in many styles and uses. Here we outline the roles carpets and rugs play in different rooms of the home and how they can be a complementary addition to your space.


For Bedrooms


When it comes to creating a cosy haven, bedrooms often embrace the allure of soft carpets, as they provide a level of warmth and comfort unmatched by other flooring options. Nothing quite compares to the cosy sensation of sinking your feet into plush carpeting on a crisp morning or relishing its softness just before nestling into bed for a restful night's sleep. The indulgence of soft carpet in your bedroom truly elevates the experience, offering a touch of unparalleled comfort that enhances your daily routines and ensures blissful relaxation.


For Living Rooms

Striking the right balance between softness and durability becomes paramount when it comes to the bustling areas of your home, such as living rooms and family rooms. As these spaces bear the brunt of high foot traffic, it's essential to carefully consider the characteristics of the carpet you're seeking, ensuring it meets the criteria for the ideal soft carpet for your living room. You can confidently select a carpet that harmoniously blends a splendid feel with the ability to withstand the demands of everyday life by prioritising comfort and resilience, creating an inviting and enduring foundation for your living space.


Discover Modern Carpets and Rugs at Glowy Interiors

At Glowy Interiors, we offer a diverse range of carpets and rugs that effortlessly complement any interior living space, adding a touch of chic elegance. Browse our selection today and place your order, or contact our experts if you have any questions.


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