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Coffee Table Design Ideas: Tips You’ll Want to Know

Sunday, September 24, 2023

This list of tips from Glowy Interiors, a modern furniture company based in the UK, will demonstrate how to achieve that sleek designer look with just a handful of essential items, ensuring your coffee table boasts a visually striking arrangement that makes a statement while considering everyday practicality and harmonising with your entire space. Whether you seek year-round coffee table decor inspiration or seasonal switch-ups, this collection offers something to suit every style and elevate your living room's allure.

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1. Layer Items for an Eye-catching Effect

Achieve an eye-catching look, in your sleek living room by expertly stacking objects like the black and gold boxes, adding dimension and height. Employ books, magazines, trays, and flat surfaces to vary the decor's heights, creating an alluring layered effect. A round coffee table takes material mixing to new heights, seamlessly blending glass, ceramics, metal, and resin. Using a limited colour palette ensures a cohesive appearance, tying the diverse elements together with finesse. This artful arrangement of decor elevates your living space, offering a stylish and dynamic atmosphere that captures the essence of contemporary design.


2. Use an Odd Number of Elements

When it comes to styling your coffee table, opt for an odd number of objects for a visually appealing effect. A contemporary coffee table demonstrates the art of playfully mixing various heights, shapes, and materials within a neutral colour palette, achieving an intriguing yet uncluttered look. The ensemble could feature a stack of books, a round bowl of decorative objects, and a tall vase adorned with fiery red stems, forming a delightful group of three. With ample space left on the table, its surface remains showcased, offering a perfect spot for colour contrast and a convenient place to rest a cup of coffee for the homeowner.


In addition to the decor you choose for your coffee table, you can also consider a coffee table set with an odd number of pieces to add visual interest. This is a great addition to the space as it not only creates a visually appealing effect but also gives you more surface space to place your things on. A thoughtfully curated arrangement will help you create an inviting space.


3. Stack Books on Top of Books

Books are your ultimate companion for styling a coffee table set. Interior designers frequently utilise them, and it's no wonder why. Coffee table books effortlessly fill space and can be used singly or grouped together for a striking effect. hese books can be used to add height, shape, and colour to your coffee table display, and they can also be used to showcase other decorative objects. Moreover, they offer an excellent opportunity to add a seasonal touch in a subtle manner – think displaying publications on Dahlia flowers during summer or snowy landscapes around the festive holidays. Utilise books for your coffee table and your living space will exude sophistication and style.


4. Get Creative with Storage

No doubt, we all desire a beautifully styled coffee table that also caters to our everyday needs. A large coffee table can be both stylish and practical, as it can provide plenty of space for storage baskets. or other decorative items. Tuck them away on the bottom shelf to discreetly hold all the odds and ends, ensuring they don't disrupt or clash with the table's stylish surface. A mix of wicker, metal, and fabric baskets can add texture and interest to your coffee table display, while also providing valuable storage space. Not to mention, they can make it easy to tidy up your coffee table at the end of the day, keeping your living space neat and organised.


5. Include a Tray

A tray can be a fantastic decorative accent, infusing your space with colour and texture, while also serving as a versatile vessel to hold various items. To add an interesting touch, experiment with shapes, like placing a round tray on a rectangular coffee table. Alternatively, play with scale by incorporating objects of different sizes – a large tray, a tiny bowl, a medium book, and a small candle – creating a beautifully layered design. For a cohesive look, consider using the same finish on your tray throughout the room. For example, you can pick an accent colour and choose decorative pieces such as a vase, tray, and bowl where the accent colour is repeated, seamlessly tying the entire space together with a touch of elegance and sophistication.


6. Personalise It

With a larger coffee table, the styling possibilities are boundless. You can embrace the charm of a rustic wood coffee table, providing a neutral canvas to showcase an array of decorative objects and vibrant colours that harmonise with the room's throw pillows and artwork. To create a warm, welcoming, and homely living room, incorporate personal items into your coffee table arrangement. Stack a few books dedicated to your favourite topics and top it off with a bowl or tray from your travels, infusing memories into your decor. Alternatively, arrange a bouquet of flowers in a vase passed down from your grandmother, adding a touch of sentimental value. These simple yet thoughtful touches can instantly add personality and character to your coffee table display, reflecting your unique style.


7. Use a Colour Theme

If your living room boasts a mix of saturated colours and bold patterns, it's wise to maintain a more restrained colour palette for your coffee table decor. For example, if your coffee table maintains a natural colour scheme, such as white or brown, stick to one or two colours for your “pops of colour”. When adorning your coffee table with flowers, think beyond the traditional vase of fresh-cut blooms. Opt for potted plants to introduce a fresh and natural element that doesn't require weekly replacements. This choice is not only practical but also easy and cost-effective, ensuring your coffee table remains a charming and welcoming centrepiece in your living room.


8. Let it Feel Lived-In

In your living room, the coffee table should come to life with an array of captivating objects, such as a lush houseplant, shimmering glass beads, metallic trays, and charming small books. This delightful mix of colours, materials, and styles imparts a nostalgic appearance, contributing to a relaxed and comfortable ambiance. To achieve visual balance and temper the lively colours and patterns, natural elements play their part, such as woven baskets and wooden furniture. These elements introduce a touch of tranquillity, providing a harmonious contrast that complements the overall decor. The result is a living room that exudes charm, character, and a warm, inviting atmosphere.


9. Seasonal Coffee Table Decor

When it comes to sprucing up your coffee table with seasonal decor, don't be afraid to get creative. For a delightful twist on fall decor, consider incorporating both real and faux colourful pumpkins, adding a fun and unique touch. To achieve a harmonious look, continue the room's colour scheme in your coffee table accessories, bringing balance and unity to the space. Utilise turquoise candlesticks and stacked books to tie in the beautiful blue and pink hues used throughout the rest of the room, creating a seamless and captivating aesthetic. By thinking outside the traditional approach, you can infuse your coffee table with personality and charm, making it a delightful focal point that complements the entire room's decor.


10. Include Elegant Decor

To make a statement without overcrowding the space, open your coffee table book to visually fill the surface. The book's presence alone adds elegance without creating clutter. For an intriguing touch, consider placing decorative beads or a magnifying glass atop the pages, introducing a simple yet sophisticated styling trick that captivates the eye. This approach allows you to curate a refined and chic coffee table display, making it an inviting centrepiece in your living room.


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