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5 Ways Wall Sconce Lights Can Elevate Your Space

Friday, August 25, 2023

Illuminate your lackluster rooms with the brilliance of fantastic lighting! Often overlooked by homeowners and new designers, lighting is a game-changer for your home's interior. While pendant lamps steal the spotlight, let's not forget wall sconce lights. They strike a perfect balance between style and function, requiring minimal effort.

Below, we at Glowy Interiors have outlined how wall sconce lights can amplify any interior living space.


1. Accent Lighting

The design of the first wall sconces took inspiration from mediaeval and tiki torches. Although modern wall sconce lighting has come a long way from its primitive origins, a touch of its original purpose can still be seen in today's fixtures. Nowadays, wall sconce lighting serves as accent lighting, effortlessly highlighting artwork or architectural features with grace and style.


2. Create Space

Wall sconce lights are a clever choice for smaller rooms as it saves precious floor space. Unlike floor or pendant lights, or even bedside table lamps, sconce lighting stays out of the way. By mounting them on the wall, you free up room for other activities. It's no wonder that wall sconces are a popular lighting solution in bedrooms, but they are also great for home offices.


3. Lift the Ambiance

Achieving the perfect lighting in a room is all about cleverly layering illumination. Overwhelming a space with excessive light can ruin its warm and inviting atmosphere, while inadequate lighting can leave it looking dull and unimpressive. That's where sconce lighting comes in. When combined with recessed lights and pendant lighting, they create a harmonious balance of brightness. Wall sconce lighting works wonders as ambient light, particularly in long corridors and rooms with high ceilings, adding a touch of radiance to these expansive spaces.


4. Work Lighting

When it comes to task lighting, wall sconce lighting is just as effective as any other light fixture. However, the key to success lies in their proper placement. For instance, if you want to create a cosy reading nook, it's important to align your sconce lighting with the area you want to illuminate, avoiding any pesky shadows or poor lighting.


5. Create Illusions with Shadows

The play of shadows is just as important as the quality of light and the design of the wall sconce itself. It's crucial to consider the direction and pattern of light to ensure it suits your space. With many sconces, you'll find captivating shapes and patterns that cast dramatic shadows, greatly enhancing the overall look and atmosphere of the room. These shadows can create an exciting and eye-catching effect that adds a touch of flair to your space.


Choose From Our Selection of Wall Sconce Lights at Glowy Interiors

Choose sconce lighting styles such as industrial, traditional, and much more. At Glowy Interiors, we carry lighting options that can brighten up any interior living space. If you want further information, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will be happy to help.

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